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Our Mission

To provide quality training, services and consultations to strengthen and build capacity in the region.

Our Core Values

o To exercise integrity and courtesy at all times
o To cultivate and maintain partnership with our stakeholders
o To create and maintain team spirit within the facility
o To maintain a disciplined and professional workforce
o To promote, protect and respect human rights
o To be gender sensitive

The Founder

Mr. Neil Hinds emphasized a proactive approach during his tenure with the United States Government: Mr. Hinds was instrumental in identifying critical needs of the Caribbean region’s law enforcement agencies. He provided sound advice in building Digital Forensics capacity within the region while maintaining the national security apparatus in several countries. He developed several projects under the ‘Department of State, Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program’ where he was the project manager for the implementation of a number of security initiatives: These included Digital Forensics, Airport Security, Border Security, Disaster Management, Document Fraud and Intelligence Gathering. He was also instrumental with the implementation of two (2) Digital Forensics labs in the region for law enforcement. These ingenuities gave rise to the conception on Caribbean Cyber Forensic 360 Inc.

The Company

Caribbean Cyber Forensic 360 Inc. (CCF 360 Inc.) is an Information Security Advisory Services and Consulting company with offices in Barbados, founded by highly qualified and experienced consultants specializing in all aspects of the Information Forensics discipline throughout the Caribbean. Our company has been a reliable and trusted partner for clients across the region. Our goal is to continue building human capital by offering the best in security advisory services, courses and equipment aimed in moving the region towards greater self-sufficiency, thus reducing out-sourcing costs while maintaining the highest levels of security in each jurisdiction.

The focus of Caribbean Cyber Forensic 360 Inc. is to advance Cyber and Digital Forensics capabilities in the Caribbean to protect all citizens and visitors, and to safeguard a significant component of their children’s future, through the appropriate use of technology. We do this by fighting crime and ensuring that we protect our Cyber space from the criminal elements that are seeking to destabilize our National Security.

Caribbean Cyber Forensic 360 Inc.’s professionals, with over twenty years’ experience in this essential field, have completed a wide range of Cyber security projects regionally and internationally. The Company has been responsible for the introduction of the initial information security and forensics training and continuous development of law enforcement personnel from the region. By identifying and coordinating specific training programs, Caribbean Cyber Forensic 360 Incorporation’s personnel have successfully enhanced the Cyber policing capabilities of our law enforcement agencies. The firm has pioneered the pairing of practical equipment and software implementations with our Cyber security consulting solutions increasing the region’s capabilities and readiness in meeting ever-changing threats.

We offer a standards-based approach to help companies and communities achieve their strategic goals through sound Cyber security investments.

Our Team

Our Certifications

Our Technical Memberships

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